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The sad irony is that there are remedies and solutions to most of the male problems out there. And you will find many of them right here at the Mens Shop.
1. Too fat ?
Check this site out . Diet Solutions is the #1 Bestselling online product that will show you such crazy things as how to eat more and yet really lose weight
2. Out of Shape? Beer Belly ?
Most guys ,by the time they are in the mid 30s are starting to show the dreaded middle aged spread. It is easy to accept this and think that is just the way it is .But this is not inevitable. It a question of a lifestyle choice . Yes you guessed it ..most of us have opted for the wrong life style choice.
The Truth About Abs can get you back on the right track . I have tried it myself and cannot recommend it highly enough… it really works . You can trial it fornext to nothing and you have nothing to lose except flab. Visit Site.
3. Thinning Hair.
Oh yeh this is a good one. My hair started thinning a long time ago. Back then there was little you could do about it but now there are solutions to stop your hair falling out . So if you can’t afford a Rooney transplant listen up. Minoxadil stops hair falling out in most cases and prevents further male pattern baldness.
It is marketed as Regaine and whilst not cheap will help you keep your hair on. I would add that in my opinion it is far safer to use this topically applied foam or lotion than taking drugs like Propecia which affect your hormone balance. The internet forums are full of guys saying Propecia has had a detrimental affect on their sex drive.
I cannot say either way but before taking drugs I would suggest you seek medical advice.
PS. Latest News on Male Hair Loss Treatment with Money back guarantee .
By the way …it may be worth you while having a look at this relatively inexpensive alternative to Regaine.
On the subject of thinning hair you may want to use some instant solutions like Toppik hair fibres. Have you seen the Video ? You just have to see it to believe it . Perhaps not necessary whilst down the pub with the boys but certainly worth a try with the ladies. It is true that if you look better you feel better.
For those of you who find it hard to meet girls , we have not forgotten you either. Take a look at this, – Mans Guide to the Female Mind ….Or, if all else fails you can resort to chemical warfare and use these female attractant Pheramone sprays.
It is easy to underestimate the importance of having a positive mindset. It is easy to let negativity take over and live your life on a “get by” basis. I highly recommend taking a time out from the hustle bustle to take stock and reconsider you goals. I also recommend you look at this : GUIDE TO HYPNOSIS which can really help you get to where you would like to be.
If nothing works.. . Well only if you are really desperate. Reminds me of a good joke about the Foreign legion and a camel . Answers on a postcard please!
4 Too Short
Another affliction close to my heart. Well if you thought you were too old to grow taller you would be wrong.
We have an instant and very inexpensive solution and also a longer term alternative where you can actually increase your physical height.If you go for the latter let me know how you get on .
5 Bigger Penis
Wow …Here we enter the shady world of scams and misold products. Well all I can say is that we have taken the most popular product of its kind and think it is worth a shot . ( no pun intended ) Seriously , I have found loads of testimonials saying it really does work . PS. We would welcome more reviews!
6. Man Boobs. Can be a real problem. We have not found many solutions to this short of surgery until now. Full details on this LINK
7. Erectile Dysfunction
Last but certainly not least. Perhaps I should have started with this one. Men all over the world suffer from this and spend huge sums of money on remedys such as Viagra , Cialis and their generic counterparts :Kamagra and Tadafil.
The problem is that in the Uk you are meant to have a prescription to buy these drugs . The alternative is to buy them online .
8. Health Issues.
There are many illnesses and afflictions ranging from heartburn to hemorrhoids, poor eye sight , tinnitus and snoring etc….. to more serious matters such as high blood pressure and heart disease.
Here is my choice of the best HEALTH download products. Remember that good health starts with a well balanced diet and exercise. Don’t be afraid to visit your GP if you are concerned about your health . Learn to listen to your body .
The Fun Stuff – Gadgets & Spy Ware
If you like gadgets we have some great cameras and the latest flip video cameras or how about carrying over 1000 books around with you – on your Amazon Kindle! I have been particularly intrigued by some of the Spy Ware products you can get these days. They would even make Q proud – Did you know that a Pen with a video camera and recording ability costs only £25. Or how about a spy watch ?
Or check out a discret listening device that you can place anywhere and activate is remotely by phone. Great for finding out whats really going on.
The ultimate has to be the remote controlled helicopter with video camera. James Bond eat your heart out .
At Mens Shop you will also find useful things like : A pen that removes scratches on your car paintwork like magic;
a self repair kit for Alloy Wheels, a T shirt that improves your figure – (for those that have not started the Abs course yet ) , toolkits, socks and much more.
I hope you enjoy the site and welcome your comments on existing products and downloads . If you have any ideas on what we could add just let me know.

Keep the faith

Ashley Kerr
Mens Shop

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