Moobs Did you know?……….

It seems that moobs are now the bane of many a man’s life. Famous sufferers include Tony Blair, Jack Nicholson and Simon Cowell, but they are not alone. The excessive development of male breasts – also known as gynaecomastia – is estimated to affect about a third of men at some point in their lives.
So why are moobs suddenly making headlines? And why is it that slim men can get them as well as overweight ones? According to leading reproductive biologist Professor Richard Sharpe of the Medical Research Council it’s all down to hormones. ‘The increased incidence of gynaecomastia in younger men is the result of decreasing levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone,’ he says. ‘Studies have shown that while most men still fall within the normal range, overall testosterone levels in men may be declining.’
As a result, the numbers of men seeking or having plastic surgery on their chests has shot up dramatically. Whilst diet and exercise are always recommended as the first steps in trying to lose your moobs, this area doesn’t always respond to these – in which case cosmetic surgery is the only answer.
Usually, traditional liposuction is carried out. This involves fat being removed using a hollow metal tube and a suction device. While this procedure is normally very successful, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of invasive plastic surgery.
For these men who are unhappy with their moobs but who don’t like the idea of cosmetic surgery, there is now another option – Laser Liposuction. A cosmetic surgery clinic in Kent has started marketing the Strawberry – a device that promises to get rid of moobs in under an hour.
The device consists of a Velcro belt lined with laser emitting diodes that can be strapped around the chest – or any other part of the body. The laser used is a cold red laser which has been more commonly used in physiotherapy to alleviate swelling. Today they are often used as part of cosmetic surgery – commonly in conjunction with liposuction.
The Strawberry works when the laser penetrates the skin and enters the fat cells causing them to ‘release’ their contents which are then excreted via the liver. No tissue is removed and the reduction is gradual, meaning there is no loose skin after the treatment.
However, Laser Liposuction won’t suit everyone. The lasers give good results when the breast is made up of just fat. But if there is hard tissue the patient will still need cosmetic surgery to remove this.
Before resorting to drastic measures you may wish to try this solution.

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